Summer courses

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable summer with our exciting Summer Courses!

Our summer courses are designed to inspire learning. We offer a wide range of programs that combine fun, sports, and learning with enriching educational experiences. From languages to science, our Summer Courses are designed to stimulate curiosity and foster growth.


At Base International School you can find our summer camps.

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Summer courses

At Colegio Base International School we offer summer courses abroad to enhance language skills.

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Plus, extend learning experience beyond borders with our Summer Courses Abroad. Explore new cultures, master languages and create unforgettable memories as your children immerse themselves in a global educational experience.

We offer a unique opportunity for your children to explore, learn, and immerse themselves in new cultures while perfecting languages and creating unforgettable memories for their lives. From tours of historical sites to interactive classes taught by local experts, each moment is designed to enrich their understanding of the world and foster their personal growth.

Seize this unique opportunity and prepare your children to explore, learn and make new friends in an international environment! Don’t miss out this chance to embark on a unique educational adventure!

Our programs, with their wide variety of activities and creative workshops, will ensure that our students have meaningful and learning-filled vacations at Colegio Base International School.

Enroll in our summer camps now and don’t miss the opportunity to open the doors to a future full of possibilities. Join us on this journey of discovery and growth, where each step is an exciting adventure and every experience is a life lesson they will never forget!!

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