(1 to 6 years)

Educación Infantil - Colegio Base International School

In Preschool the project is based on:

  • Ensuring that our students learn in an affective environment of trust and security.
  • Knowing perfectly each of our students and their personal needs, tailoring our project to their characteristics.
  • To understand emotions as fundamental for learning, enabling students to identify, regulate and manage their own and other’s emotions.
  • Encouraging children to construct their own knowledge through hands-on experimentation and investigation.
  • Fostering learning and curiosity through inquiry.
  • Providing personalised learning experiences tailored to each student’s developmental level.
  • Cultivating personal creativity, using methodologies focused on developing thinking skills, with play as a primary vehicle for learning.
  • Promoting Holistic learning by integrating socio-emotional, physical, creative and cognitive development
  • Providing full immersion in English.

Learning goes beyond the classroom, it is a journey full of love, exploration and personal growth. We are here to accompany our Infant students on every step of this journey from discovery, picking up the care characteristics of the classic nursery.



Museums are rich sources of history, humanity and experiences, encompassing colours, shapes and emotions. They stimulate our pupils’ expressive capacity and overall development. Through this project we aim to discover and nurture the unique interests of each student, thereby boosting their self-esteem. And fostering their curiosity and love for learning.

In the Virtual Museum the students observe, touch, interact with, and access a multitude of artists presented to them throughout the year. Everything in one place: our school.


Radio serves as an invaluable educational tool for preschool children.

The Radio Base project stimulates young minds, enhancing language development, imagination and cognitive skills. Listening to stories, music and interactive content on the radio helps children to expand vocabulary, develop a love of storytelling and cultivate creativity. Radio’s accessibility and diversity of content ensure that, even in the absence of visual stimuli, it engages, educates and entertains, making it a vital tool for early childhood learning and development.


Theatre is a powerful tool for preschool children, nurturing their imagination and social development. The Creare Project aims to encourage children to explore creative expression, enter imaginary worlds and develop essential life skills. Theatre allows children to take on diverse roles, fostering empathy, emotional intelligence and understanding of diverse perspectives. It also enhances language skills, as children engage in dialogues, songs and storytelling, expanding their vocabulary and communication skills. Through participation in group activities and performances, they learn teamwork, cooperation and self-confidence. Theatre not only entertains but also educates, providing a holistic platform for early childhood development.

The unique learning space “La Isla de las Letras” is a very versatile place to learn in a creative, manipulative and fun way.

It is a place where we find different learning spaces:


Art offers our pupils a wonderful opportunity to express their individuality and develop their intellectual capacity. Visiting museums and exhibitions helps them to discover their sensitivity and build their cultural foundation. In the same way, creating small works of art themselves brings them a multitude of benefits, among others: it encourages their creative and transformative abilities and developes their imagination.
When children view works of other artist, they shape an opinion about the world, enhance their self-esteem, cultivate their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, bolster their concentration, and also contribute to their relaxation.

In this project, different authors and artists pass through the Singular Learning Space, “La Isla de las Letras”, where the pupils exhibit their artistic productions and interpretations.


The sensory space is equipped with:

  • Light tables: an educational tool that empowers children to enhance their skills, offering them opportunities to create and build their learning. Encouraging concentration and effort. Utilizing natural and translucent materials that provide great sensory richness.
  • Sensory tables: with Tuff Trays our pupils learn by exploring, introducing different textures and elements that invite experimentation and discovery through play.


Located on Letter Island, our agora is dedicated to the reading of emotions accompanied by adorable monsters. Each preschool class has crafted a monster that representing an emotion tailored to the age of the pupils including joy, anger, rage, surprise, sadness, calm, disgust, fear and shame.

In this space we work through stories, role playing, dramatisations, games, etc.


This project addresses the need to repair the books that are damaged in our classroom libraries and The Emotional Library of the “Isla de las Letras” with the main objective of raising awareness among our students about the importance of the Rs: R for recycle, the R for repair and the R for reduce.

Our preschool pupils will search their libraries for damage stories and bring them to the “Book Hospital” where 5 year old pupils will be in charge of repairing them, giving these books a second life.

Our students explore creativity through innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, programming and robotics through these projects:

  • Computational language:

    Using iPad programming apps (Kodable, Scratch Jr) and the Cubetto robot, students take their first steps in sequencing, coding and logical reasoning in a fun and dynamic way.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

    We carried out an innovative artificial intelligence project with students in the 3rd year of kindergarten. They explore the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence applied to the creative process, with tools such as DALL-E 2 and Scribble Diffusion.

Generating images from text descriptions, and by means of drawn strokes. The objectives include becoming familiar with AI tools, reflecting on the creative process and fostering interest in art. The project concludes with the exhibition of the works, providing students with a unique creative experience and bringing them closer to the AI technology that will be common in their future.

This projects aim to foster the development of communication and soft skills from early childhood. A project that seeks to influence language development in English and Spanish, and to complement the emotional and social development of the children while empowering empathetic groups through play.

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